Darius Mikšys

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For Darius Mikšys the recontextualization of events, experiences, and histories into unstable narratives has taken a central role since the late 1990’s. For Mikšys, installations provide the opportunity to experiment, conceptualise, and re-imagine processes of making, displaying and engaging with art.

Social networks take on new forms within the framework of Mikšys’ curatorial interventions; as founder of the first Lithuanian cricket club Mikšys has built a reputation for introducing social networks, and through various Artists Parents Meetings he has approached and interacted with a wider community of parents of artists in a hybrid form of performance, therapy, and collective experience.

For the 54th Venice Biennale, Mikšys invited all Lithuanian artists who had received European grants to submit a work to his project Behind the White Curtain, 2011. Visitors were able to select from these works, enabling them to create their own displays of Lithuanian art, resulting in a continuously changing narrative of collective identity. Within the context of previous works we can understand Mikšys’ practice as one of re-inventing notions of representation.

Artes Mundi 5 Exhibition

Darius Mikšys uses installations to provide an opportunity to experiment, conceptualise and re-imagine the processes of making, displaying and engaging with art. The Code is a new work created specifically for Artes Mundi 5 based on Eglė Obcarskaitė’s essay about his work for the exhibition catalogue. It has been deconstructed into a series of ‘search terms’ that have been fed into the seven collection databases of Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales. The results of these searches will create a unique installation that is an oblique portrait of the artist and his practice through objects in the Museum’s Art, Industry, Archaeology and Numismatic, Botany, Geology, Zoology, and St Fagan’s collections.

Alongside The Code Mikšys continued his series of Artists’ Parents’ Meetings. Originally created as part of the 2008 Biennale of Sydney, Mikšys works with the parents of artists in a hybrid form of performance, therapy, and collective experience, to explore what makes an artist and celebrate the parents who have enabled their children to become artists. The Artists’ Parents’ Meeting was a closed event and took place with the parents of artists on 29 November. The outcome of the meeting was documented in sketch form.

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