Date posted: December 20, 2016

(By Catrin Greaves, Artes Mundi 7 liveguide)


What does your home city mean to you?

How has your home city changed during your lifetime?

What impact has this had on the local wildlife and environment?

What impact has this had on the local economy?

What impact has this had on the cultural life of your city?


What will your city look like in the future?

Will people sing songs about your city?

Will people write poems about your city?


How do these changes make you feel?


Glittering steel pushing white sky

Stone ambition stretches tall

Blank glass peers at unreal trees

Concrete visions poured into walls.


Theatrical, magical, wealthy and fine

Delicious, delightful, plenty of wine

Creative and cultured

The rich and the famous

Enact their ambitions


Their dreams of a life.


Bakeries, draperies, classrooms and spas.

Workers, creators

Cocktail makers in bars

Keeping the city

Wealthy and pretty


A surface


An artifice



Blaring lights and hurried feet

Stomp on visions of power, pride

Frustrated wait and daily grind

Dreams bleached out in office lights


Myths and mists engulf tall peaks

Acid green chokes ancient hills

Charcoal darkness leaking smoke

Heavy water burdened, killed.


Is this what we hoped for?

Is this what we dreamed of?


Concrete spilling

Ambition crumbling

Names forgotten

Chaotic, rotten


How has your home city changed in your lifetime?

How do these changes make you feel?



Catrin is part of a group of 8 Liveguides that provide free daily tours of the Artes Mundi 7 exhibition and devise special workshops for schools, families and adults. They will be writing the Artes Mundi 7 blog throughout the length of the exhibition.

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