Lothar Götz: Wait Until Dark

Date posted: February 8, 2012

Last Thursday saw the well attended opening night of Chapter Gallery’s new exhibition by German artist Lothar Gotz.

The exhibition comprises a selection of site specific wall paintings and an extensive series of geometric drawings, though lacks no energy or lustre. The works comment on the use, architecture and history of the building itself. In particular it was a treat to find myself mesmerized by the luminescent quality of the repetitive mark making, and to become absorbed in the surface of drawing (only in close proximity do the pictures reveal their pencil-like quality).

The works are framed by an extensive room-sized spatial intervention; a chipboard structure dominates the central space, a darkened room (resembling somewhat of a shed) herding viewers through the gallery space. Inside are works that I found the most intriguing, repetitive series’ of colour pencilled marks on planes of black paper, framed against black walls. The space was intimate, calling the viewer closer to the differences in mark making, pace and shape of the drawing, the energy seeming to shift in each.

As the viewer exiting this darkened intermediate space, I was led to question form and perspective, as block coloured lines on the walls manage to disjoint that which I know to be true, suggesting edges that aren’t really there and walls that appear less than straight. A vibrantly coloured painting on the far wall of the last space has a hallucinatory quality, the form prism-like, the colours vivid and contrasting.

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