You Are Here - A Shared Art Project in Cardiff

Date posted: February 7, 2011

Over 500 shoppers at St David’s Dewi Sant in Cardiff created this giant virtual map which grew and changed over a period of two days.

The orange arrow on the map signified “You are Here” and people were asked to think about the journey they had taken in coming to St David’s Dewi Sant. They made flags to represent themselves and their origins and placed these on this imaginary map at a scale of their choice. The map evolved into a world of many layers, journeys and cultures representing the people of Cardiff and its visitors.

This community art project, led by Ben Owen and Michael Sims, was provided by Artes Mundi for St David’s Dewi Sant and through an investment from Arts & Business Cymru.

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Hawlfraint 2013 Artes Mundi. Cedwir pob hawl

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