Apolonija Šušteršič

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Artist and architect Apolonija Šušteršič has focused on the social aspects of living environments manifested in art as well as architectural contexts since the 1990’s.

Her cross-disciplinary approach to creating works within urban environments leads to a socially engaged practice that brings together artists and architects, critics and curators that goes beyond art and architecture, and takes the form of everyday life.

Typically, Šušteršič’s broad ranging interest starts with a phenomenological study of space and continues its investigation into the social and political nature of our living environment. Her critical analysis of space usually focuses on the processes and relationships between institutions, cultural politics, urban planning and architecture. Situated somewhere between art and public services,  Šušteršič’s practice creates and integrates communities of users who develop scenarios of alternatives and spaces for hope.

Artes Mundi 5 Exhibition

Apolonija Šušteršič is a visual artist and architect. She examines and responds to contemporary urban regeneration and the social, political, economic and environmental issues surrounding it. The result of her research is an analysis of how different forms of power shape our environment and an exploration of the possibilities of democratic process to create a better future.

Politics “In Space”/ Tiger Bay Project,  looks at the redevelopment of the Cardiff Bay area that began in the 1980’s with the barrage. Presented in the form of a video installation, Šušteršič  has engaged with a variety of individuals and organisations involved with and opposed to the development, to explore its past, present and future. She looks at how Cardiff Bay is now viewed, how the multicultural history of this community is represented within the new development, how the docks have been developed into a visitor attraction and what the next steps should be to guarantee economic success as well as community engagement and acceptance.

A public panel discussion took place in the gallery space on 19 October and filmed to form part of the installation.



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