‘I was very pleased with the students’ responses. Much helped by the way in which the students were encouraged to share and discuss their opinions.’ College tutor

The Artes Mundi exhibitions offer an exciting opportunity for visitors of all ages to engage more closely with contemporary art and provide rich inspiration for learning. Artists and their practice are at the centre of our learning programme.

During exhibitions there is a programme of workshops for schools and colleges, resources for independent visits, Live Guide talks and family workshops.

 ‘Getting the children to look at the artwork and stimulate their enjoyment was great.’ Parent


family workshop



 ‘The learning experience opened the pupils’ minds to how art allows us to have an individual interpretation of the world.’  Primary class teacher

During exhibitions practical workshop are delivered by an experienced Live Guide. Sessions include a tour of the exhibition encouraging debate and personal response followed by creative activity in the gallery.  Artes Mundi workshops are designed to stimulate critical thinking and visual literacy as well as developing creative skills.

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