Artists' Assembly

Date posted: May 26, 2020

At Artes Mundi we miss those meandering yet illuminating conversations over coffees and drinks. Our recent reflections point to an emergent range of possibilities, concerns and critiques affecting artists and arts organisations as we navigate our current times. We want to find ways to connect again.  

Open to all Wales based practitioners, the Artes Mundi team are hosting an informal afternoon chat. This is an open forum for us to come together to share thoughts and perspectives as we adapt and begin to imagine and shape our collective futures together.  

We invite you all to attend and add to this conversation. We want the event to be shaped by you. Your contributions, questions and observations will be used to structure and generate future conversations and enquiries. Further information concerning that will be forthcoming. 

Topics might center on a diverse range of ideas of the moment including the situation of making and doing, the best and worst of our circumstances and whether this presents an opportunity for change. Suggestions can be as open, provisional or speculative as seems fit. 

The event will be held in English. 

Time and place 

We want to find multiple ways to connect again, so to start we will be hosting twice-monthly Artists’ Assemblies on Friday afternoons.

Artists’ Assembly 4: Friday 24th July, 2.30pm

What are the recommended models governing artist fees and other payment structures? How do we set standards and agree terms?

We will send this link out to everyone who signs up for the mailing list in two weeks’ time.

How to sign up 

Following feedback from artists via Holly Davey, the Artists’ Assemblies hosted by Artes Mundi are now fully open. You no longer have to book a ticket to attend. To join, sign up for our Artists’ Assembly newsletter (BELOW), which will be sent out 24 hours before each meeting, or DM us and we will share the link before the meeting. You will be sent an invitation link to participate using Zoom.

Or, if you can’t join us, feel free to submit thoughts and queries to

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