Blog: Augmented Interchange, E. Sven-Myer

Date posted: February 16, 2017

(By Eifion Sven-Myer, Artes Mundi 7 liveguide)

The most rewarding aspect of working as a LiveGuide is the fact I’m able to be there as a facilitator of conversation regarding the artwork and the themes running through them. Through giving tours and workshops the act of interaction enables surprising and new thought processes to arise. Visitors are often thankful to us for enlightening them somewhat about the work but the benefit is mutual. It is fascinating the way that a new insight or opinion someone can give re-invigorates inspiration and passion for a subject that I believe has something to offer everyone: contemporary art concerning the human condition. In my opinion much of the art in Artes Mundi exists through the dialogues around it. My drawing is a simplified expression of how this verbal trading sparks off illuminations of ruminations that would otherwise not exist from experiencing the art in silence. Working as a LiveGuide has informed my practice conceptually and developed my understanding of art and its potential to engage with a wide range of people. I believe that as long as an idea has germinated in the mind of a viewer, then Artes Mundi has succeeded.

Augmented Interchange

Eifion is part of a group of 8 Liveguides that provide free daily tours of the Artes Mundi 7 exhibition and devise special workshops for schools, families and adults. They will be writing the Artes Mundi 7 blog throughout the length of the exhibition.

To find more about Artes Mundi 7 download the guide.

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