Studio Visits

Date posted: July 2, 2020

A suggestion from our first Artist Assembly was that online studio visits would be welcomed. We are beginning these online as one way to develop ongoing work with artists.

You can use a visit as a means of gaining informal feedback on your practice in general, a particular body of work in development, the start a conversation on a portfolio review, advice on an application or a discussion of something less fixed and philosophical.

For the immediate future, studio visits will take place on Zoom lasting up to an hour. If you would present to meet on an alternative platform, or if there are ways we can make zoom more accessible for you, for example by providing a palantypist, please email We also recognise that the timing of sessions advertised may not be convenient for a range of reasons, so will seek to accommodate all requests for meetings outside of these times.

To find out more or to book a studio visit with a member of the Artes Mundi team visit the Artes Mundi Eventbrite page – CLICK HERE 

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