Artes Mundi Shortlist Announcement

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Artes Mundi is the key internationally focused flagship visual arts organisation in Wales generating unique opportunities for individuals and local communities to engage creatively with the urgent issues of our time in ways which resonate with us all.


We are committed to stimulating dialogue and debates, internationally and locally, that develop greater understanding of ourselves, of others, and of the relations between familiar and distant cultures.



Announcing the Wales Venice 10 Artes Mundi Commissions

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Artes Mundi 10 Shortlist Announcement



Mud is Memory by Hanan Issa and Yousuf Lleu Shah


Excerpt from: Why I Swim in Wintry Seas by Jemima Roberts


Liquorice by Duke Al Durham


Fractured Glass by Chandrika Joshi


Home for us when? by Talk to Coco


A Story from the North by Kevin Dyer


us (them) us by Ewan Smith

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As a registered charity, Artes Mundi relies on the generosity of supporters and sponsors and your crucial engagement with what we do ensures that we can continue our work with artists and communities.

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