AM11 Nominations Q&A’s 

Am I eligible to make a nomination?
Any member of the public who is interested or involved in the visual arts is invited to make a nomination.



What type of artist can I nominate?
Any artist working in any medium within a contemporary art context is eligible. 



Are there any criteria for nomination?
All artists should be considered within the broad theme of the “Human Condition”. We are interested in those whose practice express their relationship to this in a variety of ways: from the poetic to the rhetorical; from the surreal to the satirical. They might examine topical themes of power structures and government, representation, globalisation and consumerism, urbanisation and food production, gender issues, environmentalism and ecological change, but also deeply personal issues of current lifestyles, grief, loss and anxieties about the future.



Does this mean established artists only or can they be emerging?
Artists can be either established or emerging but should be well-known in the country in which they work and have, or are developing, an international reputation.



Can the artist I nominate be a student or recent graduate?
Any artist that meets the criteria may be nominated. However, students are not eligible, and it is expected that artists will have some experience of exhibiting internationally, whereby they are considered emerging to mid-career so a recent graduate may or may not be considered appropriate.



Should I nominate a specific artwork?
Nominations are made for the consideration of the artist and their practice not for a single piece of work.



Can I nominate an artist that has previously been shortlisted?



Can I self-nominate?
You cannot nominate yourself but can ask peers and colleagues to make a nomination for your practice as an artist.  



Can my nominated artist be of any age?
There is no age limit. 



Can I nominate more than one artist?
Yes. There is a link provided on the submission page of the nomination form, this will take you to the start of a new form.



Can I nominate the same artist more than once?
It is not necessary, as selection is based on the criteria and not the quantity of artist nominations.



What if the artist I am nominating doesn’t have their own website?
If they do not have a website, any which hosts their work is good to include. 



Will you notify me if my nomination(s) has been shortlisted?
An email will be sent informing you if your nominated artist(s) has been shortlisted.



Why do I need to tell you my country of residence?
We’re interested to know what parts of the world nominations are being received from as it assists us to evaluate the reach of the Artes Mundi Biennial Exhibition & Prize and with reporting to funders and supporters.



Why do I need to tell you the artist country of residence?
Again, we’re interested to know what parts of the world artists are living and working in, as this assists us to evaluate the reach of Artes Mundi and with reporting to funders and supporters.



What happens after I nominate?
All nominations are collated and distributed to the jury. Over successive meetings with Artes Mundi, nominations are reviewed against the criteria, a longlist drawn up and this taken further to establish the shortlist selection for AM11. Once the selection is made, we will contact shortlisted artists and begin planning towards the Artes Mundi 11 exhibition. The AM11 shortlist will be announced on our website, in our newsletter an on our social media channels. You can sign up to our mailing list via the nominations form.



I have a question that isn’t answered here, how can I contact you?
Please send an email to allowing up to 5 days for a response.