Daniel Trivedy

Held/Space Artist

Credit: Daniel Trivedy - Head Shot

Daniel is a multi-disciplinary artist of Indian descent based on the outskirts of Swansea.


He uses art as a method of enquiry and investigation. His working method involves a process of research, reflection and material play.


The influences in his work include critical theory, migration and colonialism underpinned by thoughts relating to personal identity and family history. Over time, a number of divergent strands of conversation that skirt themes of connection, belonging and inclusion have manifested themselves.


Fundamentally, he is interested in the psychological glue that holds us together.




Daniel Trivedy's Work

Charcoal drawings of trees and plants cover three white walls. Inside there is a hammock and on the floor there is a patchwork blanket which has been dyed indigo blue. On top of the blanket is a tipped-over basket with dyed blue corn falling out of it.