Farah Allibhai

Artist and Curator

Credit: Farah Allibhai. Photo - Eres Seer

Farah Allibhai is a Ugandan-born Gujarati Shia Ismaili Muslim who has lived in Cardiff most of her life. This gives her an international cultural perspective and intersectional lens which informs her work and life’s journey. As a multi-disciplinary artist and curator, her work centres around the process of self-discovery, self-realisation, self-actualisation and healing the inner self.


Drawing on her lived experience, inspired by diversity, the metaphysical and the spiritual, she questions how we can connect to ourselves, the environment and the communities in which we find ourselves. Her work is observational, performative and site-specific.


Farah was awarded a Weston Jerwood Fellowship in 2021 as curatorial assistant at Artes Mundi. She was instrumental in setting up the collective 1800hrs and is currently a member of Aurora Trinity Collective and Disability Arts Cymru.