Home for us, when? 

by Talk to Coco

Grandad once said, 

You will know one day what I mean, 

He said to be black is excellence, 

To never be ashamed of my skin, 

Or who I am. 


Yet daily durags invite  

negative looks, 

from others who despise  

the strength and history of our blackness. 


My afro hair is too in their face,
not professional enough for them. 

With every afro strand standing together in solidarity, 

Filling every inch of any space proudly.  


When do I ever get to be myself and,  

embrace this excellence 

my grandad spoke of? 


All my queer black self ever wanted, 

was to be seen for who I am, 

for my communities to be seen as we are, 

walking the earth judgement free. 


To feel the grass between our toes, 

to be unapologetically us and feel free. 

Just as our ancestors did, 

the day they were unchained from slavery. 


I wish i could of ask my grandfather about all the things he left unsaid, 

All the excellence of our lives 

he spoke of are now buried with him, deep down,  

And one day I hope my children 

can play on the beaches of the world,  

ice cream faces, sandy hands and be free, 
unshackled from the grip of society. 

Home for us, when?  by Talk to Coco

Credit: Talk to Coco




Talk to Coco is a black, queer, non-binary poet & writer, and  mental health activist creative. Coco, has created a safe space for thousands of people from all around the world to have someone to talk and share their experiences, feelings and thoughts with, and just feel understood & accepted.  


Talk to Coco came about because they wanted to break all negative stigmas attached to mental health and start talking openly – showing so many people like herself, that they’re not alone and for people to see a real life person, in the flesh, talking about and projecting real life issues.  


Coco started their platform to dismantle the ‘writer’, ‘poet’, ‘mental or crazy’, ‘lgbtq+ not being normal’, stereotypes and to changing what ‘normal’ is. Always using their poetry, as a lens for honesty and transparency, and expressing this through speaking, writing so honestly & openly; breaking all stigmas attached & saving lives at the same time. As its vital to see people like Coco around the world thriving and feeling ‘a part,’ not alone.


Through the From Now On project, Talk to Coco received mentoring support and critical feedback from Taylor Edmonds, Co-founder of Where I’m Coming From.