Developing a Sustainable Creative Career with Ceri Hand

Developing a Sustainable Creative Career with Ceri Hand


24 May 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Join arts insider Ceri Hand in this must-attend online session where she’ll share her wisdom and experience on the five key pillars of success: Create, Collateral, Community, Confidence and Cash. With practical tips and advice, you’ll learn how to build and earn money doing what you love. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your creative career to the next level!



What you will get out of the session:

  • How to maximise your career and to navigate the sector with confidence
  • Build a sustainable career that may offer you longevity
  • Harness your creativity to unlock fresh opportunities and innovative strategies, broaden your creative prospects and drive financial growth.



Before becoming a certified coach and founder of Ceri Hand, Ceri worked extensively in the arts and culture sector as a curator, creative leader, and gallery director. Ceri’s transformative coaching empowers creatives to 10x their impact in the world. By providing tailored guidance, new techniques, and fresh perspectives, Ceri will help you to overcome blocks, boost income, and cultivate resilience for lasting career change in your creative career.



This session is for all artist at any level, come and join us and get the best advice on how to create a career you can be proud of.



Session will take place on zoom, if you have accessibility needs, please email