Dreaming Bodies with Omikemi

Dreaming Bodies with Omikemi

23, 24, 25 Mar 2021
14:00-17:00 GMT


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In the run up to LATES: Pitch Black, Omikemi and Nila Gupta will be holding a series of Dreaming Bodies workshops. The experience is Black, LGBTQIA+, Disabled-centered while welcoming PoC of all ages to communally explore bodywork for liberation.


The sessions will engage the ideas of mystical-activism, auto-immunity and body supremacy in order to ask: what would this body be if it could dream? The intention is to explore possibilities for agency, care and communities

Credit: Omikemi an African Carribean heritage person with short hair, speaking into a microphone, wearing a white tunic with a yellow beaded necklace

Credit: Nila Gupta

Collaborators will engage in clothed collaborative life drawing, body poems, and movement meditation practices drawing on elements of Qi Gong and Capoeira Angola as part of a somatic inquiry. You will be invited to bring an item that has meaning and significance to you for exploration in the sessions


By taking part you will have an opportunity to develop and strengthen skills in resting, re-sourcing, self-massage and somatic-listening (listening to your own body). Collectively we will spend time building relationships whilst exploring and experiencing body solidarity. Collaborators will be invited to take part in three sessions in total, with each session lasting three hours


Following the workshop a new audio-visual work will be developed and presented as part of LATES: Pitch Black which is presented in partnership by National Museum Cardiff and Artes Mundi. We will seek clear consent from contributors for any and all input into the final sound work.


If you would like to get involved in the sessions and contribute to the conversation please send an email to umulkhayr.mohamed@museumwales.ac.uk 


In your email or message you will need to tell us your name, email address and phone number and to let us know you’d like to be involved in Dreaming Bodies. Omikemi or a project partner will then get in touch with you to discuss the project.


Omikemi is a writer, healing arts practitioner and community organizer. Their work is focused on creativity for health and healing and they have a growing interest in mystic-activism. Their recent collaborations include work with Vital Xposure, Disability Arts Online and Autograph Gallery London. Omikemi also organizes Way-Making an online Black-centered creative and healing arts space


Nila Gupta is an artist, writer, facilitator, community worker and organiser. They are a working-class Bengali genderf*cker, bi and trans person of colour, and have multiple complex disabilities. They are particularly interested in creativity as an act of survival and resistance, and in how survival is a driver of kinds of creativity which are often erased and ignored by mainstream power structures. They are coming back to making art after a long time of being away from it, and enjoy challenging themselves and others by facilitating art making spaces.

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