Elemental Gestures: Towards a Feeling of Home

Elemental Gestures: Towards a Feeling of Home

by Adéọlá

10 August - 10 September

Grange Pavilion

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Presenting a new commission by Adéolá for Artes Mundi.


Adéọlá’s new commission for Artes Mundi evokes the essence of the deity Yemonja/Yemaya/Yemoja. Hailing from Yoruba spirituality with manifestations in the African Diaspora, Yemonja can be understood as mother of the ocean, sustaining yet turbulent. This work is a gesture from the artist, and as such creates a continuum in her practice, in the hope of making connection with the pieces of herself left on other shores.


This new multi-media work incorporates costume, photography, and painting and will be on display at Grange Pavilion from 10 August to 10 September.



This work contributes to the radical engagements with water and diasporic identity that feature especially in the work of artists Firelei Baez and Dineo Seshee Bopape, seen in the biennial exhibition Artes Mundi 9 presented across Cardiff at National Museum Cardiff, Chapter and g39.


Adéọlá is a visual artist, researcher and presenter based in Wales. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, her work explores expressions of identity and belonging in the diaspora. Adéolá’s work is invested in the ways in which emancipatory performances such as Carnival, masquerades and rituals can inform approaches to art-making. She is currently the Founder and Co-Director of Laku Neg: a burgeoning digital artist initiative for African diaspora artists, which promotes the exchange of African diaspora knowledge through memory, philosophy, performance and storytelling, as a key focus for a reparations agenda. She is also an hourly paid lecturer at the University of South Wales.