A group of adults taking part in a workshop. One is stood on a chair pinning something to a wall.

Expanding your Creative Practice

Market Road

27th April 2024
10:30 am - 1:00 pm
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Working with others outside of your artistic peers can add a dynamic exchange to your practice. Are you keen to develop your art practice to be socially engaged or co-curated with schools, young people, elders, community groups and beyond? Are you already working as an artist and educator but looking for the chance to reflect on how this can be more closely aligned to your own practice? Join visual artist and educator Vanessa Rolf as she gives you practical tools to incorporate creative approaches when working with others.

What you will get out of the session:


  • You will reflect on the processes, approaches and concerns you address in your practice and how these could connect with others.


  • You will think about the role of an artist in a social context and explore what difference you are trying to make.


  • You will explore practical and ethical considerations when planning a project working with others. You will question: How to invite people to take part? What do you bring? What do you want people to leave with?