Announcing the Wales Venice 10 Artes Mundi Commissions

Artes Mundi is delighted to announce the three artists who have been awarded funds for the Wales Venice 10 commission opportunity after receiving over 60 applications.   


The commissions were offered to Welsh and Wales-based visual artists as support toward the development and production of a new project or artwork.   


The commissions have been awarded to: 

  • Studio Cybi (a curatorial duo, comprised of artists Rebecca Gould and Iwan Lewis)
  • Freya Dooley 
  • Kandace Siobhan Walker 


Each artist will receive £14,100 for material and production costs, plus additional access costs, with the commission contract lasting approximately six months. Regular studio support will be provided by Artes Mundi curatorial team as requested to contribute to the development of the commissions.  


The selection panel included Catrin Owen, member of the Wales Venice advisory committee; Yuen Fong Ling, artist, curator, researcher and lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. Melissa Hinkin, Curator at Artes Mundi; and Liv Penrose Punnett, Assistant Curator at Artes Mundi. The panel was chaired by Nigel Prince, Director of Artes Mundi.


The external selectors commented: “These new Wales Venice 10/Artes Mundi Commissions listens to the call for change – access to be more inclusive, and opportunities to nurture artists, at different stages of their development. The submissions reflect artist’s interest in directly addressing social needs, weaving political and historical narratives, telling new stories, and forging new identities. The selected artists champion a spirit of independence, collectivism, and inclusivity, as an integral part of artistic practice. Where artists forefront new ways of living, working, and being.”

Announcing the Wales Venice 10 Artes Mundi Commissions

Studio Cybi

A woman called Freya Dooley, in her studio, sat on a chair, looking directly at the camera

Freya Dooley

A woman outside touching the side of her head and braided hair. The background is blurry.

Kandace Siobhan Walker

What is Wales Venice 10? 

Arts Council of Wales has presented nine exhibitions at the prestigious Venice Biennale international art exhibition since 2003. However, in 2022 they have paused their participation. They want to use this time to rethink their approach to the Biennale and to international working, and work with artists on a different way of marking the 10th edition.    


Wales Venice 10 is a unique programme of international opportunities by Arts Council Wales in partnership with Artes Mundi and Disability Arts Cymru, which includes a series of Fellowships and new commissions.  We are also working with Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales and are grateful for support of Contemporary Art Society for Wales. 


The fellowship and the commissions are opportunities that will support artists, curators, writers, and creative professionals working in the visual arts in Wales. The Cymru Fenis 10 | Wales Venice 10 programme will help participants to develop their networks, skills and knowledge to support them to fulfil their international ambitions and explore new approaches.    


Wales Venice 10 aims to focus on individuals that face barriers to progressing their international ambitions and have a diversity of lived experience, across a range of different points in their careers.    


The programme aims to take bold steps forward to strengthen connections with local and global audiences, deliver on the Arts Council’s commitment to widening engagement, and respond to the climate emergency.  


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