Credit: A promotional image for How Shall We Begin Again? A image of a small tree growing a garden. The title of the performance overlays the images in subtly staggered serif font. Photo: Jo Fong. Graphic Design: Lisa Mattocks

Held-Space is a collective of Global Majority artists from across Wales engaged in a range of visual and performing arts. With the support of Artes Mundi, they meet virtually once a month to discuss individual practices, develop and engage in a series of activities such as studio assemblies, mentorships, peer-to-peer learning, commission development and workshops, and to share experiences of the difficulties in navigating the art world and challenges and benefits in being creative. 


First established by Artes Mundi in 2020 with the support of Sadia Pineda Hameed and Umulkhayr Mohamed as an open assembly, it quickly evolved into a space where decisions were taken by the group collectively. In 2022, the group was supported by Farah Allibhai who coordinated meetings and assisted the development of evaluative methodologies. During this time, there was a programme of peer one-to-ones focusing on individual’s practices, as well as sequence of group crit sessions with guest artists including Prabhakar Pachpute and Amak Mahmoodian.


In January 2023, the group co-created a commission for 64 Million Artists’ January Challenge and some members also took part in a workshop with director, choreographer and performer Jo Fong looking at embodied practice. Support was also provided to enable research travel and visits.


Forthcoming, the Held-Space will work collaboratively to develop new activities and opportunities in support of each other’s practice, as well as individuals being involved in new commissions and public presentations.

Held-Space Artists