Wales Venice 10 Fellows

Wales Venice 10 Fellows Visit to Whitechapel Gallery

Farah Allibhai

A black and white photo of a woman called Phoebe Davies. She is wearing a black t-shirt. She has short wavy hair. Her elbow is leaning on the table and her head is resting on her hand.

Phoebe Davies

A man called Paul Eastwood is sat on the ground with his legs crossed and his chin resting in his interlocked hands. He is wearing a blue shirt, wears round glasses and has a moustache. He is sat in front of a hanging tapestry.

Paul Eastwood

A woman called Heledd C Evans is looking directly towards the camera with a slight smile. She has brown bobbed hair with a fringe. She is wearing gold hooped earrings. It is a close-up image of her face.

Heledd C Evans

Rebecca Jagoe is wearing theatrical red and cream clothes and reading from A4 paper. Their face cannot be seen from the angle of the photograph. Behind them, you can see an audience of people watching them perform.

Rebecca Jagoe

A woman called Rhiannon Lowe is outside in a London street. She is wearing a black t-shirt that says '#STAND BY YOUR TRANS'. She is talking through a red and white speaker phone. Behind her is a tree and a white building.

Rhiannon Lowe

A black and white portrait photo of a man called Owain Train McGilvary. He is wearing a pale-coloured jumper and he has short hair.

Owain Train McGilvary

A woman called Cinzia Mutigli is smiling directly at the camera. She is wearing a black t-shirt and has long dark hair.

Cinzia Mutigli

A woman called Cynthia MaiWa Sitei looks at a black and white photograph to her right-hand side. She has dark braided afro hair and is wearing a black leather jacket and long dangly earrings.

Cynthia MaiWa Sitei

Wales Venice 10 Fellows Visit to Whitechapel Gallery

Jennifer Taylor